Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good EXP Areas

Just wanted to share with everyone some of the good exp spots to help out if you are having trouble leveling up.

Rank 7-14ish NW of Gridinia in the Black Shroud
  • Fight squirrels, and then when you get too high fight Young Garalago.
Rank 5-10 Directly north-west of Camp Bearded Rock is a small downward slope. In there there's a cave
  • Fight Moles and Aurelia
Rank 10 (2 people) NW of Camp Drybone is a little mountain that the path goes through
  • Fight dodos, thistletail marmots and coblyns
Rank 11-14 Way south of dry bones past the node, there is a spot against the rock wall
  • Fight dodos
Rank 6-9 Uldah Cave
  • Fight chigoes, wandering souls, snapping shrews, etc.
Rank 12-16 The Black Shroud, just north of Camp Tranquility is a river area 
  • Fight Canopy Galagos and Faerie Funguars.
 These are just some of them, but it should be enough to get you started. Let me know if this is helpful and you would like to hear about more.


  1. Nice tips bro! Appreciate the follow!

  2. I was actually looking for some information like this earlier. Much appreciated!

  3. Damn I remember some of these EXP areas.

  4. ; ; i wanna play it gonna get it soon i think

  5. ah, I need to get back into gaming....I used to know all the special areas of every game I played.

  6. youll probably hate me but ive never played a single final fantasy D:

  7. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!